Month: August 2014

Measuring the Power of US Main Stream Media

Professor Andrea Prat of Columbia University has just published a fascinating paper on Vox about a new, and in my opinion much more effective, way of measuring the potential power of a particular corporate media source. —



American voters have lost control of the foreign policies and foreign activities of the US Federal Government (USGovt). These policies and activities now present an existential threat to humanity; changing them is imperative. Federal legislators and regulators at the highest levels of the USGovt have been deeply corrupted by money from the National Security Complex, Transnational Corporations, foreign nations and the golden revolving door between them and the USGovt. Change can only come from below: from morally outraged Americans demanding a saner foreign policy. Voting, while still essential, is no longer sufficient to effect the change necessary. Hundreds of thousands of American activists are already involved in programs attempting to change the direction of American foreign policy. However, like the civil rights movement of the 1960s, these activists need the support of millions of morally outraged Americans if they are to be successful. The forces opposing them are infinitely greater now than they were six decades ago. “Conscience of a Citizen” is a part of my contribution to stoking that moral outrage. I plan to …