Month: September 2014

Denmark — ISIS — F16s: Every Nation has its Price

Extract from the the Swedish  Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (Emphasis Mine) Danish F16s to Fight ISIS By Jan Oberg, TFF Lund, Sweden September 26, 2014   What’s your image of Denmark? Apart from the Little Mermaid, Carlsberg beer and H.C. Andersen perhaps something with decency, welfare, development aid, equality and peace? Unfortunately, that image is outdated. During the last good 15 years Denmark has participated in wars on/in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, it was an occupying country in Iraq for four years and a main bomber nation of Libya.

USGovt, El Salvador, Pope Francis, Liberation Theology

Archbishop Oscar Romero Liberation theology began as a movement within the Catholic Church in Latin America in the 1950s–1960s principally as a moral reaction to the poverty caused by social injustice in that region. The USGovt and the Vatican saw it as an extension of Marxism. The CIA and the US State dept set about training local militia to eradicate “leftists” it. Archbishop Oscar Romero of San Salvador, one of the principal proponents of “liberation theology” was assassinated by US trained militia in 1980. For decades the Vatican has blocked moves towards canonization for Romero. Comes now Pope Francis:

Measuring US Main Stream Media Propaganda

It is easy to claim that US Main Stream Media has become an organ of the state whose news items and op eds are chosen to engineer the consent of the American people to the foreign policies of the USGovt, or to hide from them the effects of those policies. It is quite another thing to provide facts to back up that claim. This is the first of my posts to do just that, and to try to provide some measure of US MSM mendacity.

Swanson on bombing ISIS

“If you want to bomb a country every time an evil group murders people in a gruesome manner, you’ll have to bomb a lot of countries including our own.  ISIS draws its strength in Iraq from resentment of the Iraqi government, which bombs its own cities using U.S. weapons, and which beheads people,..” –David Swanson As we all know by now, the US dogs of war are braying for more blood in the Middle East. The US MSM have again managed to terrify the American people about our “imminent danger”. Obama has responded. He has little choice.