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USGovt Foreign Policies: Criminally Evil

An Iraqi Child

Please read “Americans: A Good and Decent People” before you read this post.

Privately, we Americans are a good and decent people. As employees of our USG military, our USG Intelligence agencies, our USG State Department and at the highest levels of our corporations, and banks, our behavior is often criminally evil. So is the behavior of (almost all) our elected representatives when they vote on foreign affairs.

There is no limit to the atrocities we commit on the orders of our leaders.  Upon their instructions we starve whole nations by economic sanctions, we assassinate men, women and children individually, and by the dozens, torture them by the thousands, murder them by the tens of thousands in cold blood, and kill millions of them with bombs and chemicals, and intentionally destroy their civilization by destroying the infrastructure which supports it.

We obey no international laws, and we clearly state we have no intention of doing so.

Our leaders have decided that our constitution does not bar us from attacking other nations. We are not “declaring war” we are assured. We are defending ourselves from potential adversaries.

Our President, advised by our “Justice” Department, has decided he has the power to kill Americans and foreigners secretly, without public accusation or trial.

We “good and decent Americans”, convinced by our leaders that our way of life is threatened, have sowed millions of mines in thousands of square miles of the world and refused to remove them.

We have poisoned unknown generations of children, yet to be born, with our chemical defoliants and our DU weapons. Our military leaders have recommended the use of nuclear weapons in “pre-emptive strikfallujahimage2es”.

Our nation’s covert activities carried out by the “good American employees” and agents of our CIA have bribed innumerable foreign leaders, orchestrated scores of coups, installed dozens of leaders who have terrorized their populations, assassinated others they could not control, and  frustrated the wishes of millions of voters in scores of nations who have attempted to install governments of their choice.

Our Main Stream Media hide our crimes. Our legislators pretend not to know of them.

The extreme secrecy and propaganda programs initiated in the mid 1940s when we were “defending” ourselves from the mythical “International Communist Conspiracy” began the drift towards removing legislative oversight of our secret armies. In the 1970s the Church commission attempted to reassert legislative control. In the 1980s the Reagan administration began dismantling the Church commission reforms. The Patriot Act of 2001 and the subsequent dramatic expansion of the USGovt’s “security-defense-industrial-complex” in the “War on Terror” has neutered any legislative oversight, hidden the actions of the “security-defense-industrial complex” from the media, and thus removed the American people from any understanding of the activities of the USGovt..

By our ignorance and our silence we Americans now effectively consent to the ghastly crimes of “our” USGovt.

The policies and procedures our leaders have perfected and inflicted on foreigners, are now beginning to be inflicted upon us Americans.

Like the Bush administration which ruled that torture was legal, the Obama administration has now ruled that assassination of American citizens abroad is legal. No evidence or trial is necessary.

The behavior which any other civilized nation would call torture is now routinely employed on us in our own prisons.

Military procedures used by American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq in “war zones” are now in routine use by police in American cities. Police SWAT teams routinely attack American homes looking for drugs, using weaponry provided by the Pentagon.

Some of the secret documentation of activities carried out by the CIA decades ago are now beginning to be available to those reporters dedicated enough to pursue the truth. They show flagrant disregard for any law, domestic or foreign.  Murder, torture, harboring and training terrorists in America, false flag attacks on countries from American ports, drug smuggling into American cities, are all routine procedures.

The CIA, intended by President Truman to be only a central collector of “intelligence”, rapidly became a secret army only nominally under the control of the USG. In fact the CIA was initially under the control of the Dulles brothers and other influential corporate attorneys representing US  corporations and US banks.

The Cold War was an Anglo American invention. Winston Churchill was desperately attempting to drive a wedge between Roosevelt and America on the one hand, and Stalin and Russia on the other. Truman and Acheson fell for it.  Eisenhower and Dulles amplified it.

There never was a Russian “International Communist Conspiracy” to attack the US.  The “Communist Conspiracy” was a convenient myth which covered the activities of the US corporate attorneys who ran the CIA, as they set about delivering the governments of the newly independent European colonies into the hands of their corporate masters.

We good and decent Americans have been continually duped since our nation became the preeminent world power after WW2.  While we were raising our families and building a strong and resilient nation, our corporations and military establishments were crafting policies for world domination. Perpetual wars, nuclear if necessary, are part of those plans.



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