Month: November 2014

Oil Prices: US Govt Playing with Fire

1. The USGovt is now waging war on Russia and Iran with every weapon at its disposal short of outright overt invasion by official US military forces. That latter, with a Republican Congress, is not unlikely. 2.  The USGovt economic sanctions on Iran have seriously affected the Iranian economy, and the economic sanctions on Russia are now beginning to bite.   The latest weapon is the price of oil. Advertisements

Hagel Fired: A Bad Omen

Chuck Hagel, Obama’s “moderate Republican” Defense Secretary was forced out of office a couple of days ago. The administration’s clumsy handling of the Middle East mess left by the Bush administration, together with the anti Obama AIPAC pressure on Congress, and the Netanyahu demands for attacks on Syria and Iran, have emboldened the Washington neo cons to beat their drums of war even more loudly. Hagel was not their man. Below I have linked to six articles on the general subject to give both the background of the firing and the probable consequences.  The best understanding of the reasons for the firing is given by Robert Parry a highly experienced independent reporter writing on his news site “Consortium News”

“National Security”, “Double Govenment”, “Deep State”

In a previous post here I claim that American voters no longer control USGovt foreign policy. Nor do the representatives they elect. In July 2010 the Washington Post published “Top Secret America”.  According to Wikipedia: Top Secret America is a series of investigative articles published on the post-9/11 growth of the United States Intelligence Community.[1] The report was first published in The Washington Post on July 19, 2010, by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Dana Priest and William Arkin. …The three-part series, which took nearly two years to research,[2] was prepared with the assistance of more than a dozen journalists.[3]…An online database at, as well as the articles to be published, were made available to government officials several months prior to the publications of the report. Each data point at the website was substantiated by at least two public records. The government was requested to advise of any specific concerns, but at that time, none were offered.[2] Mike Lofgren’s essay in February 2014 laid out the concept more recently in Anatomy of the Deep State. This …

Syria: One Year Ago and Now: Obama (and Nation) Manipulated?

Seldom has a propaganda exercise been so obvious, so measured, and so quickly effective as this particular manipulation of this particular public and this particular President, about this particular war. Within twelve months the American people have been moved from a position of wanting to pull out of Iraq, and not wanting another war, towards now wanting war throughout much of the “Levant”.

Synagogue Attack

Israeli police crime scene investigators stand near bodies of suspected attackers outside a Jerusalem synagogue November 18, 2014.(Reuters / Ronen Zvulun) This is a heavily linked post to a simple and tragic fact which this time is big news in America: Today, Nov 18, two Palestinians killed four Israelis. Israeli defense forces then shot the two Palestinians. So what? Who cares? Well, these two Palestinian cousins have managed to get America’s attention. Turns out, the four Israelis are rabbis. Not only that, they have been killed in a synagogue. And three are American and one is British. American Jewish blood spilled in a Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem?

Torture: Obama Administration, One Step Forward

John Yoo Dan Froomkin on the Intercept: Nov 12 2014 1.  Obama Administration Reverses Bush Policy, Says U.S. Torture Ban Applies Abroad As Charlie Savage of the New York Times reported last month, President Obama’s legal team was debating whether to reaffirm a Bush administration position that the United Nations Convention Against Torture imposes no legal obligation on the U.S. to bar cruelty outside its borders. The debate is over. And the good guys won — this time. See the following statement issued by the White House this morning, even as State Department officials were answering questions about the administration’s position in Geneva before the United Nations Committee Against Torture….  And 2.  An Innocent Man, Tortured by the U.S., Asks the U.N.: Where’s the Accountability? U.S. officials are in for a serious grilling on Wednesday as they get hauled before the U.N. Committee against Torture and questioned about about a multitude of ways in which the U.S. appears to be failing to comply with the anti-torture treaty it ratified 20 years ago…..