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USGovt, Existential Threats, Perpetual War

From Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Climate change and nuclear proliferation make global catastrophe highly probable, scientists say

The Doomsday Clock is now two minutes closer to midnight, thanks to the specter of climate change and unchecked nuclear proliferation.

As Americans, citizens of the world, and moral human beings, we know all of mankind is faced with four existential threats:

1. Perpetual War
2. Climate Change
3. Rapidly Depleting Natural Resources
4. Extreme Inequality and Poverty

These threats are recognized at the highest levels of all national governments, military establishments and scientific institutions.
The programs necessary to mitigate these threats are well known, and the resources required are available.

Until now, despite the quite successful local efforts of certain American states (eg California) to mitigate the threats #2 and #3, the US Federal Government (USGovt) has done its best to frustrate or delay almost all international programs designed to meet any of them.

Unfortunately for the world:

  1. Long term successful mitigation programs require international cooperation and strike at the very heart of transnational corporation strategies (aka the “Washington Consensus”).
    Most of the largest transnational corporation and banks are owned by just a few hundreds of interlocking (mostly) Anglo American families, and the few thousands of families (many of them non-American) which serve them. They well understand threat #3 and will do anything, including foment war, to ensure corporate access to enough natural resources and markets to meet the perceived needs of their transnational corporations, and thus preserve their wealth and power.
  2. This loose cabal, of supra wealthy families, allied with the “Deep State”, (about which more later) now guides the policies of the USGovt, and the governments of many of the countries allied with the USGovt.
  3. If perpetual war is currently necessary to meet their objectives, and they believe it is, then so be it. For them, resource and market access and their “Economic Growth” is an immediate issue; all other existential threats pale into insignificance. The dramatic effects of climate change and extreme inequality are, they believe, decades away, difficult to quantify, and will, in any case, have minimal effect on the welfare of their own families.

As a result, we Americans, good and decent people that we are, have been manipulated by our corporately led USGovt policy makers through our corporately owned US Main Stream Media to believe that the primary threats we face are to America’s well-being, and that these threats come from enemies who threaten:

1. “America’s National Security”
2. “America’s Economic (GDP) Growth”

These two “threats” provide the ideological base from which the USGovt, and the corporately owned US Main Stream Media wage a persistent and massive propaganda campaign, aimed primarily at “average” Americans, and by extension, the rest of the world.

The propaganda program has been wildly successful.

We Americans, citizens of the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world, have been manipulated such that we consent to our wealth and our taxes being commandeered to wage unprovoked covert and overt wars on any nations which may impede the objectives of transnational corporations. These objectives include:

  1. Increasing transnational corporate ownership of world resources, particularly those of “third world” countries (privatization).
  2. “Regulation free” access to the markets of all nations (“free” trade).
  3. Eliminating the rights of national voters to make laws for the protection of their health and/or their environment. (Bi-lateral and multi-lateral, supra national trade agreements, negotiated in secret, which preclude national governments from controlling their environment, their food, their medications, and access to their markets – (GATT, TPP, …).
  4. “Regime change” of foreign “populist” governments  which impede the Washington consensus (Cuba, Venezuela, Iran….)
  5. Eliminating the ability of international courts or foreign countries to try USGovt employees for criminal misconduct eg war crimes and torture (ICC, SOFA…)
  6. Undermining any US domestic programs and elected/appointed officials which/who might reduce USGovt “defense” expenditures, or increase USGovt “social spending”, or increase USGovt taxes on the super wealthy.

This USGovt focus on “Security” and “Growth”, and the US corporate media drumbeat about the mortal danger posed to “America” by freshly minted “Axes of Evil” every few years, has indoctrinated the American people into supporting perpetual war.

Since WW2 ended, the number of wars initiated by the USGovt has escalated almost every decade, and profoundly more so since the implosion of the USSR in the late 1990s. The pace at which new wars and regime change programs were started increased again after Bush’s “GWOT”. I will document many of these overt and covert wars, and regime change programs in future posts.

For this post, suffice it to say that the USGovt, today, is waging covert and overt “shooting” and “regime change” or “regime maintenance” wars in well over a hundred countries, most of them without the knowledge, or authorization, or specific funding from Congress.  Many of these wars are intentionally not reported by the US Main stream Media at the request of various agencies of the USGovt.

The record of the last seven decades shows that the USGovt will continue to wage perpetual war until:

  1. Every nation of the world joins the “Washington consensus”.  This is a decades long, and impossible project, OR
  2.  The USGovt, or one of its nuclear armed allies, engaged in an un-winable war, uses the “nuclear option” to threaten another nuclear armed nation which takes the threat seriously and responds with nuclear weapons OR
  3. The American people refuse to finance more wars, which in the short term (a decade?) is highly unlikely.

Given the foreign policy record of the American people and the USGovt since WW2, option #2, nuclear war, at some unidentifiable time appears to be inevitable.


  1. In 1920 Britons believed their Indian Empire would last for centuries. Gandhi’s non violent resistance movement for independence (1919), together with WW2, Roosevelt’s insistence, and Britain’s bankruptcy, led to Indian independence three decades later.
  2. In 1945, the Jim Crow laws in the Southern States appeared to be cast in stone. WW2, MLK’s non violent civil rights movement, the death of JFK and the persistence of LBJ eventually passed the USGovt civil rights law two decades later.
  3. In 1950 the white, apartheid, South African government was supported by all the western powers. Four decades later, after spending three decades in jail, helped by the US civil rights movement and Cuba and Libya, black Nelson Mandela became President of a democratic, non racial South Africa.

The moral? Nothing is cast in stone. However it takes decades, outstanding leaders, millions of committed followers, changes in the external environment and time, to make major changes to the status quo.

Let’ all hope and pray that the time required is less than the two minutes remaining on the “Atomic Scientists Doomsday Clock”.


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