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“Charlie Hebdoe”…

(800 words) A couple of days ago about a dozen adult Frenchmen were publicly assassinated by less than a half dozen Kalashnikov wielding Muslims, inspired, according to early reports,  by Yemen based “al-Qaeda”.

In Yemen alone, in November alone, (the last month reported) 22 to 35 Muslims were “secretly” assassinated by “westerners” wielding 4 or 5 American drones. Not a word about it in the general western media.

Because western media ignore Muslim assassinations, the attacks were “secret” to  westerners, but certainly not to Yemenis. Because the US Govt refuses to even admit to particular drone strikes, we are not sure of the exact number or the ages or sex of the dead.

Media and politicians from Washington to Berlin and all points between, have joined in a chorus of horror at the “slaughter” of a dozen or so Frenchmen and on the attack on the “democratic free press”.

Hardly a word about dead Yemenis, or the thousands of other Muslims, including hundreds of Muslim children, “secretly” assassinated by drones in the last few years (photo above of dead Pakistani Muslim children killed by drone strikes).

Rupert Murdoch tweeted:

Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible.


The reaction of the western press and western politicians to the French assassinations is mind bogglingly hypocritical and mendacious, but no longer surprising.

It is only because westerners, and particularly Americans, are spared the horrors westerners, and particularly Americans, have visited on several generations of Muslims, that westerners are now horrified by the retribution for which a few Muslims are willing to sacrifice their lives.

To change two words in Murdoch’s tweet:

Maybe most Christians peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing assassination cancer they must be held responsible.

This short post is one of many which will again answer Joe Sacco’s satirical and rhetorical saccoextract3question shown in my last post.

And what is it about Muslims in this time and  place that makes them unable to laugh off a mere image?

There are millions of reasons. This particular post will consider only the provocation caused by drone assassinations.

Obama, the leader of the western world, has arrogated to himself the power to authorize the secret assassination, by drones, of targeted men women and children, including Americans, anywhere in the world.

On his fiat, on his watch, tens of thousands of Americans and their allies (including Frenchmen) have been involved in the secret selection, targeting and killing of thousands of Muslim men women and children in countries with whom the US is not “at war”.

These assassinations, clearly war crimes, go unreported, and unpunished.   No US main stream media dares report and call these acts for what thy are: War Crimes

Because the US Government refuses to publish drone damage, such data is available only from human rights agencies (eg Amnesty International) and from various independent media.

An example of the indiscriminate slaughter perpetrated by the US Government is shown in the extract below from Reprieve via the UK Guardian. Many more details are available in the article which charts the number of strikes per target and the number of casualties per strike.

41 men targeted but 1,147 killed UK Guardian — Nov 24 2014


Some 24 men specifically targeted in Pakistan resulted in the death of 874 people. All were reported in the press as “killed” on multiple occasions, meaning that numerous strikes were aimed at each of them. The vast majority of those strikes were unsuccessful. An estimated 142 children were killed in the course of pursuing those 24 men, only six of whom died in the course of drone strikes that killed their intended targets.

In Yemen, 17 named men were targeted multiple times. Strikes on them killed 273 people, at least seven of them children. At least four of the targets are still alive.


Below is some limited data from the BIJ only for Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.  More data is available from Amnesty International, the UN and others.

From The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, come reports on drone assassination in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.


All actions 2004 – 2014

Total Obama strikes: 357
Total US strikes since 2004: 408
Total reported killed: 2,410-3,902
Civilians reported killed: 416-959
Children reported killed: 168-204
Total reported injured: 1,133-1,706
For the Bureau’s full Pakistan databases click here.

All actions 2002 – November 30 2014*

Confirmed US drone strikes: 71-83
Total reported killed: 362-531
Civilians reported killed: 64-83
Children reported killed: 7
Reported injured: 78-196

Possible extra US drone strikes: 101-120
Total reported killed: 345-553
Civilians reported killed: 26-68
Children reported killed: 6-11
Reported injured: 90-123

All other US covert operations: 15-80
Total reported killed: 157-393
Civilians reported killed: 60-89
Children reported killed: 25-27
Reported injured: 22-115
Click here for the full Yemen data.


All actions 2007 – November 30 2014

US drone strikes: 6-9
Total reported killed: 16-30
Civilians reported killed: 0-1
Children reported killed: 0
Reported injured: 2-3

All other US covert operations: 8-11
Total reported killed: 40-141
Civilians reported killed: 7-47
Children reported killed: 0-2
Reported injured: 11-21

Click here for the Bureau’s full data on Somalia.


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