Syria and Germany: Closer Ties

With Angela Merkel’s full throated support for Syrian refugees, tepid support for French actions against Syria, and her insistence that Assad must be included in the Syrian peace talks,  Germany is manoeuvering itself into being a major player in the Francophone MENA orbit.


Leadership for Syria


(Own report) – With impressive scholarship programs, the German government seeks to establish firm ties to the future elite of post-war Syria. Already last year the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs began to bring more than 200 selected Syrian students to Germany, within the “Leadership for Syria” program, to be instructed – alongside their academic studies – in advanced training in “governance,” organizational setup and similar courses. The program run by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) – the largest foreign program the organization has ever undertaken – has the declared objective of preparing “a select elite among Syria’s future leadership” for “active participation in organizing” post-war Syria.
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Germany ready to cooperate with Assad, set up intel agency in Damascus

(From Sputnik)

In a dramatic move, Germany is set to become the first western nation and NATO member to break ranks and begin cooperating with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and set up an intelligence agency branch in Damascus.

Although there has been no official announcement, anonymous sources quoted in the German Bildnewspaper, confirmed that the federal government is keen to establish a branch of its Federal Intelligence Service (BND) in Damascus in an effort to counter Daesh, also known as Islamic State (IS).

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