“Conscience of a Citizen” is a publication about US Government (USGovt) Foreign policy. I plan to focus on:

  • The current and historical activities of the USGovt/”National Security State”/USMedia as this “Deep State” complex, together with its foreign allies, continue to fashion a criminal world wide campaign of war, propaganda and false flag attacks intended to create mythical enemies bent on destroying the United States.
  • The once secret, now public, USGovt policies of world conquest secretly created by corporate attorneys in the USG State Department (Acheson, JF Dulles…) immediately after WW2, and amplified during successive US administrations.
  • The work of a small number of independent journalists, authors and activists as they attempt to present the truth about USGovt policies and activities, and the work of activists who are  attempting to change the direction of USGovt foreign policy.