About Me

txu-oclc-264266980-world_pol_2008-2This blog is designed to communicate, primarily, with my extended family (by consanguinity, affinity or spiritual relationship (!)) and with our friends.

I have recited my career notes (below) to introduce myself to those (perhaps few) readers who do not know me, and who find this blog as they cruise the ‘net.

I am an octogenarian, a father, a grandfather, a colonial Brit by birth, a naturalized American by choice and a citizen of the world by conscience.

My children and grandchildren are Americans who have grown up in the United States.

As a young man I lived through the dissolution of the British Empire. I spent the first three decades of my life in Asia and England and the later five decades in the United States.

In my professional life I was a hi-tech executive and one of the pioneers of “globalization”. My factories were variously in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, The Philipines, and Mexico.

I have been a Vice President of a NY exchange listed company, CEO of VC funded companies, President(s) of subsidiaries of large US corporations, and a business consultant to hi-tech manufacturing companies.

I know something of the UK, the US, Colonialism, US Corporations and certain parts of the world.  The shaping of British and American foreign policies by Anglo-American corporations, and the effect of these policies on the rest of the world, have been my avocation for more than six decades. In those matters I am an autodidact.

I consider myself a capitalist, and a mildly left Social Democrat. My American friends consider me a radical revolutionary.