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Art Laffin: Arrests at U.S. Mission to UN Calling For Nuclear Abolition

Laffin: ” In participating in this nonviolent witness, organized by members of the War Resisters League, I’ve come full circle in my journey of peacemaking and nonviolent resistance”


David Swanson: Understanding the Suffering War Brings

From War is a Crime Understanding the Suffering War Brings Posted on April 25, 2015 by DavidSwanson Remarks at Houston Peace and Justice Center Conference on April 25, 2015. I hope to be brief enough to leave lots of time for questions after I talk. I know that most of you are probably exceptions to what I’m about to say, because I suspect that most of you came here voluntarily. If you’re here on duty for the FBI, raise your hand. You may all be the exceptions, but most people in the United States have no idea of the suffering that war brings. War brings suffering first through the wasting of some $2 trillion every year, roughly half of it by the U.S. government alone, but much of the weaponry purchased with the other $1 trillion, spent by other governments, is U.S.-made weaponry. Never mind what the money is spent on. It could be dumped in a hole and burned and we’d all be better off, but the most suffering is caused by what it’s …

Englehardt: My War on Terror; Letter to an Unknown American Patriot

Tom Englehardt is a national treasure. He is a model of the Madisonian American steeped in “civic virtue”. Here is his recent piece. Please support financially if you can. My War on Terror Letter to an Unknown American Patriot Posted by Tom Engelhardt at 5:00pm, March 1, 2015 Dear American Patriot, I wish I knew your name. I’ve been thinking about you, about all of us actually and our country, and meaning to write for a while to explain myself. Let me start this way: you should feel free to call me an American nationalist. It may sound ugly as hell, but it’s one way I do think of myself. True, we Americans usually reserve the more kindly word “patriot” for ourselves and use “nationalist” to diss other people who exhibit special feeling for their country. In the extreme, it’s “superpatriot” for us and “ultranationalist” for them.