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Israel interferes in our politics all the time, and it’s never a scandal

From Mondoweiss, Philip Weiss on February 15, 2017: Russia surely interfered in U.S. politics and may have affected last year’s election; and that scandal could bring Trump down. But Israel interferes in our politics all the time, with a negative effect; and it’s never a scandal. Source: Israel interferes in our politics all the time, and it’s never a scandal I completely believe that Donald Trump was in bed with the Russians before the election and the campaign may well have intrigued with Vladimir Putin with respect to Wikileaks and that helped defeat Hillary Clinton. I believe that because that’s how the world works; because a lot of very smart people in the liberal establishment believe it; and because the New York Times and Washington Post are documenting some of it, with the fervor of Watergate. Maybe it will bring the liar in chief down some day and end this short national nightmare. I certainly hope so. But there are two large exceptions to the Russian conspiracy. The first is that it is good policy for the …

CIA Drone Strikes: 41 targets, 1,147 deaths

Image from Wired: Drone casualty  Datta Khel, Oct. 18, 2010. Child died a day after this photograph was taken by Behram for Wired. UK Guardian reports on drone strikes. Extract below, emphasis mine. 41 men targeted but 1,147 people killed: US drone strikes – the facts on the ground The drones came for Ayman Zawahiri on 13 January 2006, hovering over a village in Pakistan called Damadola. Ten months later, they came again for the man who would become al-Qaida’s leader, this time in Bajaur. Eight years later, Zawahiri is still alive. Seventy-six children and 29 adults, according to reports after the two strikes, are not.

Oil Prices: US Govt Playing with Fire

1. The USGovt is now waging war on Russia and Iran with every weapon at its disposal short of outright overt invasion by official US military forces. That latter, with a Republican Congress, is not unlikely. 2.  The USGovt economic sanctions on Iran have seriously affected the Iranian economy, and the economic sanctions on Russia are now beginning to bite.   The latest weapon is the price of oil.

Syria: One Year Ago and Now: Obama (and Nation) Manipulated?

Seldom has a propaganda exercise been so obvious, so measured, and so quickly effective as this particular manipulation of this particular public and this particular President, about this particular war. Within twelve months the American people have been moved from a position of wanting to pull out of Iraq, and not wanting another war, towards now wanting war throughout much of the “Levant”.

Synagogue Attack

Israeli police crime scene investigators stand near bodies of suspected attackers outside a Jerusalem synagogue November 18, 2014.(Reuters / Ronen Zvulun) This is a heavily linked post to a simple and tragic fact which this time is big news in America: Today, Nov 18, two Palestinians killed four Israelis. Israeli defense forces then shot the two Palestinians. So what? Who cares? Well, these two Palestinian cousins have managed to get America’s attention. Turns out, the four Israelis are rabbis. Not only that, they have been killed in a synagogue. And three are American and one is British. American Jewish blood spilled in a Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem?

Veterans Day: Schwarzkopf: Veteran, Psychopath, Media Hero

Stormin’ Norman Thomas Young, the severely wounded Iraq veteran who died a few days ago was the subject of my last post.  He passed without much fanfare. I wanted to do one more Iraq “Veterans Day” post about a dead high level Iraq veteran to see how the press handled that death. Fortunately the British “Media Lens” had already done a much better job than I would ever have been able to do. Schwarzkopf died in December 2012. Because the article touches all the bases I wanted to cover, although it is rather long, I have copied the article in its entirety. The emphasis is mine. From the editors of Media Lens: How the media create heroes for public consumption—hagiography at its best. Using the Lexis-Nexis news database, we searched all UK press reports and obituaries about General Schwarzkopf and we could not find a single mention of the live burial of Iraqi soldiers by bulldozers. Or the deaths of several hundred civilians in the Amariyah shelter. Or the total death toll of Iraqis…”   …

Veterans Day: Thomas Young, Obituary for a Veteran

Tomas Young from Truthdig From Truthdig Tomas Young, Veteran Author of ‘The Last Letter,’ Dies at 34 Posted on Nov 10, 2014 Iraq War veteran and activist Tomas Young has died, “Democracy Now” is reporting. There is no word as of this posting about the cause of death. Young was the author of “The Last Letter,” a message to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, published by Truthdig, in which he stated his intention to die. Young, who was in hospice care at the time and required assistance to live, later changed his mind, saying he wanted to spend more time with his wife. Chris Hedges wrote about Young and worked with him. The columnist wrote,

Perpetual War

‘Our troops are not engaged in combat,’ Obama said on Sunday. But his definition of ‘combat troops’ has been ‘rejected by virtually every military expert’. Photograph: Evan Vucci/AP This post is the beginning of a long series of yet to be written essays, the rest of which will be continued in the “Essays” section of the blog. It is now Nov 10th 2014, the elections have ended, the Republicans have control of both houses of Congress, yet not a word of criticism from Congress about a Democratic President “doubling down” in his new war on Syria, nor any tough questions from the US Main Stream Media. Trevor Timm’s piece (copied below) poses a number of (rhetorical) questions which gives me a good starting point to  begin a relatively deep look into who controls USGovt foreign policy, and the reporting of it by the US Main Stream Media. Previously in my posts Foreword, and “USGovt, Existential Threats, Perpetual War” I referred to the US Congress and thus the American people, losing control of the foreign policies …