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NATO Marches Toward Destruction – Consortiumnews

As the West’s elites growl about “Russian aggression” – as they once did about Iraq’s WMD – NATO leaders meet in Poland to plan a costly and dangerous new Cold War, while shunning the few voices of dissent, John V. Walsh warns.


American Media Drums Up Support for War … Again Washington’s Blog

Source: American Media Drums Up Support for War … Again Washington’s Blog Even After Mea Culpas For Horrible Iraq War Coverage, American Media Does the Same Thing With Iran The American people are being bombarded with messages that Iran will launch an attack unless it is bombed. For example, this is a top AP headline from today: The headline is being parroted by virtually every media outlet: Only upon a closer reading of the AP article can we see what Iran actually said: In other words, Iran is saying if you attack us first, we’ll fight back. That’s a little bit different from the misleading headline … isn’t it? As I noted in August, this is the old bully’s trick of pretending he is the victim: Police have recently stated on the record that: Resisting police desires may be labeled “violence” … even if the police desires are unlawful Curling up in a ball to avoid police violence may be considered “active resistance” … justifying the use of more force, including baton strikes Indeed, in …