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Robert Parry: The Victory of ‘Perception Management’

President Ronald Reagan meeting with media magnate Rupert Murdoch in the Oval Office on Jan. 18, 1983, with Charles Wick, director of the U.S. Information Agency, in the background. (Photo credit: Reagan presidential library)  Robert Parry is among the great investigative reporters and journalists writing today.  His web site “Consortium News” features some of the most incisive writers and commenters to be found on the web. His 6000 word article The Victory of ‘Perception Management’ is a masterpiece of summarizing a vast amount of information ranging from “Iran Contra” to the current Syria and Ukraine crises. The comments which follow his article on “Consortium News” add to the information. I had attempted to summarize his article but it is so rich, I decided to reproduce it completely. Advertisements

Russia: Putin, Krugman, Cohen, Ukraine

Ukraine Svoboda march from The Nation Paul Krugman is one of my economist heroes. However his interpretation of recent non economic events is sometimes profoundly wrong. His Putin bashing column today is one of those occasions.  Krugman,  unfortunately, is often as susceptible to US main stream media hype and propaganda as any other American, about subjects in which he is not an expert. As an antidote I have 1.  Copied a May 2012 article (below) by Krugman’s fellow Princetonian Stephen Cohen, the premier US expert on recent Russian history. 2. Below that I have referenced a more recent article (June 30 2014) by Professor Cohen on the facts of the USGovt/UkraineFascist coup ousting the corrupt but legally elected Ukrainian President, and the silence of the US media about the Nazi fascist element of the new Ukrine government.

More Comments: Senate Torture Report and Eric Garner

In several of my next posts I will be sharing my own and other “bloggers” reactions to the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture.  Occasionally I will include the comments of a well known foreign writer commenting on America’s domestic horrors and the “Torture Report”. Below is an extract from Tariq Ali’s comment  published in the London Review of Books blog on Eric Garner and on the Senate Torture Report. Emphasis is mine. We Can’t Breathe Tariq Ali 11 December 2014 ‘We live in a post-racial society,’ Obama enthused, referring to his own victory, soon after entering the White House. It sounded hollow at the time, though many wanted to believe it. Nobody does today. Not even Toni Morrison. But the response of tens of thousands of young US citizens to the recent outrages in Ferguson, Cleveland and New York is much more important and interesting than the vapours being emitted in DC.

Ukraine, Fascists and USGovt Lies

 I have followed the Ukrainian crisis quite closely. I am also familiar with the history of the secret Ukranian and Byelorussian Nazi teams hired by the CIA and (then NATO) to destabilize European countries which showed any tendency to elect a “populist” government. I will be blogging about these teams in future posts. Google  Wikipedia “Gladio” and “Gladio Italy” for background. The USGovt is using the successors of these fascist organizations to destabilize Ukraine and to sow terror in the Ukrainian population.

Syria: One Year Ago and Now: Obama (and Nation) Manipulated?

Seldom has a propaganda exercise been so obvious, so measured, and so quickly effective as this particular manipulation of this particular public and this particular President, about this particular war. Within twelve months the American people have been moved from a position of wanting to pull out of Iraq, and not wanting another war, towards now wanting war throughout much of the “Levant”.

Perpetual War

‘Our troops are not engaged in combat,’ Obama said on Sunday. But his definition of ‘combat troops’ has been ‘rejected by virtually every military expert’. Photograph: Evan Vucci/AP This post is the beginning of a long series of yet to be written essays, the rest of which will be continued in the “Essays” section of the blog. It is now Nov 10th 2014, the elections have ended, the Republicans have control of both houses of Congress, yet not a word of criticism from Congress about a Democratic President “doubling down” in his new war on Syria, nor any tough questions from the US Main Stream Media. Trevor Timm’s piece (copied below) poses a number of (rhetorical) questions which gives me a good starting point to  begin a relatively deep look into who controls USGovt foreign policy, and the reporting of it by the US Main Stream Media. Previously in my posts Foreword, and “USGovt, Existential Threats, Perpetual War” I referred to the US Congress and thus the American people, losing control of the foreign policies …

Canadian Broadcasting Corp vs US Main Stream Media

I watched a good deal of the CBC reporting of the Ottawa shooting event two days ago. I thought at the time that the coverage was astonishingly evenhanded. Below is a piece from “Mother Jones”, an alternative US Media news source, describing the CBC coverage. From Mother Jones Canada’s Coverage of the Ottawa Shootings Put American Cable News to Shame —By James West Wed Oct. 22, 2014 5:28 PM EDT The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation today gave a master class in calm, credible breaking-news reporting.

US MSM and USGovt: Two responses to two airline tragedies

In 1988 a US destroyer shot down an Iranian airliner in the Persian Gulf, killing 290 people. This year a Malaysian airliner was shot down  flying over Ukraine with the loss of 288 people. In the article below  Professor Gusterson compares: The US Govt, (Reagan Administration) lies, and the US  Main Stream Media echoing them, about the US military shooting down of Iranian airlines flight 655 in 1988 with The US Govt, (Obama Administration) probable lies, and the US  Main Stream Media echoing them, about the (as yet unknown) circumstances surrounding the shooting down of Malaysia Air lines flight 17 in 2014.

It is now “NYT and CIA official”: the US is a leading terrorist state

The NYT recently published an article (Study of  covert aid…) which, I am pretty sure, is the first time that a US MSM publication has officially referred to a (as yet secret) CIA report which acknowledges CIA terrorist acts and admits to the failures of CIA terrorist operations.