More bits and pieces

For instance, where can an American with limited time find any coherent set of reasons for the 9/11 attacks? No, bin Laden did not attack our iconic buildings because “he hated our freedom”. He had no problem with our freedoms.  He clearly stated that his followers were protesting America’s treatment of Palestinians, America’s occupation of Islam’s territory, and America’s support for despotic regimes including the rulers of Saudi Arabia.   Are bin Laden’s arguments covered by the American “Main Stream Media”?  Of course not. And that is only one example.

Within limits, all nations must have some secrets, all leaders must lie, and a defensive war is sometimes necessary. Our leadership, in particular since WW2,  has evolved a system of foreign behavior, egregiously at odds  with what we, the people, once considered acceptable and, I dare to use the word, moral. And the trend is not good.

By our own standards, clearly enunciated by American and other judges after WW2, our actions abroad have become increasingly criminal, and our leaders themselves have become ever greater criminals.

By their unprosecuted criminal actions, by the lies they tell us to conceal them, and by the mythologies they use to justify them, our leaders have constructed a web of deceipt which is difficult to penetrate. Our news of the world comes to us via  media controlled by the same leadership which perpetrates the crimes.

There are a few brave souls, and I count Ellsberg, the Berrigan brothers,  Blum and more recently Assange, Snowden, Greenwald, and Turse among them, who have exposed our leaders (and our troops)  criminal behavior.

These more recent reporters are risking their careers and sometimes their very lives. Through them Americans are beginning to learn truths which have been clear to millions of foreign victims for many years. Millions of victims who  have been murdered or maimed, had their personal property plundered, and their nation’s economy shattered, by crimes committed under the orders of our leaders.

I brought my family to America in the early 1960s.  Even then, though I did not know it, the US Government in league with American corporations had been, for more than a decade, setting up the conditions necessary for American corporations to inherit and exploit the riches of the former European colonies in Asia and Africa.

Spreading freedom and democracy was the myth. The myth of the day was that America was planning to bring freedom and democracy to the European colonies which, for centuries had been repressed by their colonial European masters.


And the world bought the myth. Numerous colonial nations, including Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, expected America to abide by the words of its leaders.  By attempting to become truly independent of the “West”, these countries brought America’s wrath down upon them.


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