As Americans, citizens of the world and caring human beings, we are faced with three existential problems

  1.  Extreme Poverty
  2. Rapidly Depleting Natural Resource
  3. Climate Change.

The solutions to these problems are known, and the resources required are physically available. However implementing such programs strikes at the very heart of the Anglo-American corporate system which has been carefully constructed over the last two centuries to increase the wealth of a very small sliver of the world.

We Americans, good and decent people that we are, have allowed ourselves to be unwittingly manipulated by our corporately led policy makers to believe that our primary “threats” are

  1. Security
  2. Economic Growth

The described “threats” have been manufactured to have solutions which are exactly in line with the plans of the Washington Consensus which is designed to give American (and European) corporations easy access to the natural resources of “third world countries” and to give American corporations access to the markets of “developed” nations.

To maintain our security, our policy makers assure us that:

  • We must maintain overwhelming “full spectrum dominance” over the entire world “on land, in the air, on the seas and in space”.
  • Because we are in such dire danger, our leaders have an obligation to order us to commit what we ourselves once called the “supreme crime”: attacking a sovereign nation which poses no threat to us.
  • Since we are an exceptional nation, and because doing so might jeopardize our security, we, meaning our government, our troops and our corporations cannot guarantee that we will follow any international rules or treaty obligations.
  • Security is so vital to us, that nothing we do in our defense is a crime: assassination, kidnapping, murder, torture, mass killings of civilian men women and children and wholesale poisoning of the environment in which they live , starvation by physical and economic blockade, use of “tactical” nuclear weapons, the destruction of entire civilizations, and any other horrors our military minds can imagine, are acceptable in our noble fight to protect ourselves and spread “peace and democracy”.

To optimize our economic growth we are told:

  •   We must abolish any notions of morality or immorality when we act as corporate employees. “The Market” in its infinite wisdom will determine if our actions are “right” or “wrong”.
  • Legally, our corporations are “Persons” and that, as servants of corporate “Persons”, maximizing profit must be our sole objective. Corporate directors or employees pursuing any other goals are committing illegal acts.
  • Any attempt to regulate corporations or markets in any nation verges on communism or socialism, impinges on democracy and freedom,  and must be thwarted at any cost.

We Americans, at least theoretically, can change all the bullet points above by our vote. Foreigners have no access to our ballot box.

Since WW2 we have become such a wealthy and powerful nation that the leaders we elect write the rules which the nations of the world must follow when they play. They have no recourse. They must play.  If they don’t want to play we “change their regimes” or destroy them by economic sanctions and/or direct military attack.

So, does this imply that we ordinary Americans are an immoral people? Not at all. No more so than ordinary Englishmen or Frenchmen at the height of their Empires. We are citizens of a nation which consistently commits intensely evil acts and lies to us about them and the reasons for them.

We normal Americans are a good and decent people – see “Americans: A Good and Decent People”.

Americans behave as we do and have the beliefs that we do because we have been programmed for generations  by PR professionals who get paid vast sums of money to construct systems for hiding the truth, and for creating half-truths and myths using the most sophisticated media tools available.

Today with technologies developed during and after WW2, we are bombarded every minute of the day by corporate media feeding us doctored news and “infotainment”. The news flow is intentionally manipulated to remove any context, and all inconvenient history is flushed down the “memory hole”.

Almost all of us are employed either by our corporations, or our banks, or our federal government, or our military. Our families’ income and welfare depends on the goodwill of these institutions. “It is difficult to get a man to believe something if his welfare depends on him not believing it”.


  •   We take our young, and from the age of five, for at least eight years, day after day, month after month have them recite, many with hand on heart: I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
  • We take our young to ball games and the National Anthem is sung while everyone stands, and the Blue Angels roar overhead, and loud sound systems invoke reverence for our military “heroes”.
  • Every year we send into the world tens of thousands of young university graduates trained in the technicalities of corporate sales and corporate management whose compensation and self-esteem is tied to the notion that they are competing and “winning” in a “free market”

It becomes impossible for Americans to believe that our leaders lie, that they have no belief in the “Flag and the Republic” or “liberty and justice for all”, and that our corporations succeed partly because they are subsidized by  massive government spending (military) and shielded from liability for their misdeeds and mistakes.

Much of the data showing that the actions of our military and our corporations are indeed evil is now available on the “net due to FOIA and tenacious reporters. One has to dig to find them because no American or British mainstream media will feature them.  Normal people going about their normal lives do not have the time to do the research necessary.

I have now retired and plan to spend some of my time researching and publishing the context and background for some of the events making the headlines.

Because I am interested in the subject and because it is currently in the news, I will begin this blog by posting about the refugee children stranded on the southern border of our country.


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