Getting the Message Out

I have set myself the task of using the work of sources I trust to display some of the perfidy and hypocrisy of the US Federal Government (USGovt), and the mendacity of US main stream media sources which have become mouthpieces of the USGovt.

WordPress — “Conscience of a Citizen”: I have found the “WordPress” blogging platform I use for “Conscience of a Citizen” to be the best tool for publishing and categorizing “longer form” articles, and thus it meets my primary need.  However WordPress is not designed for rapid “reblogging” of news items which need little or no commentary — a facility I find I often need. Also, “Conscience of a Citizen” is not for the faint of heart. Although they may upset some readers, I will  not avoid using images and descriptions of American criminality and brutality if I think they are important to my message.

Tumblr: The “Tumblr” platform is well suited for re-blogging with little or no comment (curating!).  I plan to use a few Tumblr sites focused on various aspects of the “news spectrum”.  I will link to my Tumblr sites on the “Front Page”, and “Blog” sections of “Conscience of a Citizen”

Facebook: At this time I have chosen to create one Facebook page (Civic Virtue) which publicizes the work of a few (mostly American) activists working for change. Very few Americans are yet ready for non violent disruptive leaders like the Rev Martin Luther King in his later years, or the Jesuit Daniel Berrigan, or the historian Howerd Zinn. I recognize that if I want to publicize the work of activists, I must begin with “gentle activists!”

“Civic Virtue” is also on the “Front Page” of “Conscience of a Citizen”.