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WaPo editorial on Putin and Robert Parry’s response

The Washington Post is the foremost mouthpiece of the USGovt war machine. Here is an extract from a May 4th oped piece and below it Robert Parry’s respons: The Washington Post Oped (May 4th)  says: After the fall of the Soviet Union, the U.S. tried to help Russians …..Mr. Putin’s remarks reflect a deep-seated paranoia. It would be easy to dismiss this kind of rhetoric as intended for domestic consumption, an attempt to whip up support for his war adventure in Ukraine. In part, it is that. But Mr. Putin’s assertion that the West has been acting out of a desire to sunder Russia’s power and influence is a willful untruth. The fact is that thousands of Americans went to Russia hoping to help its people attain a better life. The American and Western effort over the last 25 years — to which the United States and Europe devoted billions of dollars — was aimed at helping Russia overcome the horrid legacy of Soviet communism, which left the country on its knees in 1991. It was not …

Russia: Putin, Krugman, Cohen, Ukraine

Ukraine Svoboda march from The Nation Paul Krugman is one of my economist heroes. However his interpretation of recent non economic events is sometimes profoundly wrong. His Putin bashing column today is one of those occasions.  Krugman,  unfortunately, is often as susceptible to US main stream media hype and propaganda as any other American, about subjects in which he is not an expert. As an antidote I have 1.  Copied a May 2012 article (below) by Krugman’s fellow Princetonian Stephen Cohen, the premier US expert on recent Russian history. 2. Below that I have referenced a more recent article (June 30 2014) by Professor Cohen on the facts of the USGovt/UkraineFascist coup ousting the corrupt but legally elected Ukrainian President, and the silence of the US media about the Nazi fascist element of the new Ukrine government.

Ukraine, Putin, USGovt Economic Pressure on Russia

For the last seven decades the USGovt has covertly bribed local politicians and editors, planted false stories in local media, created false flag attacks to discredit its enemies, engaged in sabotage and economic blockades to affect elections or cause “regime change” in nations which were not sufficiently “free market” oriented. Measured by the criteria of opening up markets to Transnational Corporations, these “acts of war” were, (with the exception of Cuba, certain Islamic and Eastern European nations eg Ukraine) hugely successful. The biggest success was the implosion of the USSR in 1989.

Ukraine, Fascists and USGovt Lies

 I have followed the Ukrainian crisis quite closely. I am also familiar with the history of the secret Ukranian and Byelorussian Nazi teams hired by the CIA and (then NATO) to destabilize European countries which showed any tendency to elect a “populist” government. I will be blogging about these teams in future posts. Google  Wikipedia “Gladio” and “Gladio Italy” for background. The USGovt is using the successors of these fascist organizations to destabilize Ukraine and to sow terror in the Ukrainian population.