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Americans approve CIA torture actions 51%-29%

(640 words) Nothing much left to say — for a while.


More Comments: Senate Torture Report and Eric Garner

In several of my next posts I will be sharing my own and other “bloggers” reactions to the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture.  Occasionally I will include the comments of a well known foreign writer commenting on America’s domestic horrors and the “Torture Report”. Below is an extract from Tariq Ali’s comment  published in the London Review of Books blog on Eric Garner and on the Senate Torture Report. Emphasis is mine. We Can’t Breathe Tariq Ali 11 December 2014 ‘We live in a post-racial society,’ Obama enthused, referring to his own victory, soon after entering the White House. It sounded hollow at the time, though many wanted to believe it. Nobody does today. Not even Toni Morrison. But the response of tens of thousands of young US citizens to the recent outrages in Ferguson, Cleveland and New York is much more important and interesting than the vapours being emitted in DC.

Torture: Obama Administration, One Step Forward

John Yoo Dan Froomkin on the Intercept: Nov 12 2014 1.  Obama Administration Reverses Bush Policy, Says U.S. Torture Ban Applies Abroad As Charlie Savage of the New York Times reported last month, President Obama’s legal team was debating whether to reaffirm a Bush administration position that the United Nations Convention Against Torture imposes no legal obligation on the U.S. to bar cruelty outside its borders. The debate is over. And the good guys won — this time. See the following statement issued by the White House this morning, even as State Department officials were answering questions about the administration’s position in Geneva before the United Nations Committee Against Torture….  And 2.  An Innocent Man, Tortured by the U.S., Asks the U.N.: Where’s the Accountability? U.S. officials are in for a serious grilling on Wednesday as they get hauled before the U.N. Committee against Torture and questioned about about a multitude of ways in which the U.S. appears to be failing to comply with the anti-torture treaty it ratified 20 years ago…..

Harvard Law School report: Bush and Cheney authorized USGovt torture and should be prosecuted

Everyone outside the United States, and most particularly residents of Islamic countries, knows that the USGovt has been involved in a massive program of  torture and kidnapping, that it has been the official policy of the USGovt, approved by the President, and that Britain and other allies of the USGovt have knowingly assisted the torture and kidnapping program.

On NYT avoiding the word ‘Torture’

A short post on the NYT approach to reporting news when the news which does not reflect well on the USG or the US Military: FAIR (founded by Jeff Cohen) is an organization which challenges the US MSM on their Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. They recently called out the NYT on NYT’s avoidance of the word ‘Torture’ to describe the activities of USG agents (Item 1) and the lack of a mention of a Report on Torture published by Amnesty International (Item 2).