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On wounded soldiers: “It is the business of soldiers to be killed”…

Ann Jones is the author of “They Were Soldiers: How the Wounded Return from America’s Wars—the Untold Story.” In “The Intercept” Ann Jones writes: It is the business of soldiers to be killed, and the job of civilians to be grateful for their human sacrifice, because that’s the way God wants it, or so we have been told by famous generals, patriotic politicians, war profiteers and public relations firms under contract to the Pentagon. But American­ wars have produced masses of other, far more troublesome soldiers who instead came home with crippling physical and mental wounds. They are the subject of Paying With Their Bodies: American War and the Problem of the Disabled Veteran, a valuable history by John M. Kinder. His concern is not the multiple problems of individual disabled vets, but the capitalized Problem they collectively present to U.S. policymakers. Advertisements

UC Berkeley Jews and other Jewish groups attack UC Berkeley Muslim-American sophomore

(%00 words) Berkeley student senate candidate Sumayyah Din made up the campaign slogan Dintifada. Now one pro-Israel group demands an apology for making them feel unsafe, while another pro-Israel group has inspired calls for her death…..

Englehardt: My War on Terror; Letter to an Unknown American Patriot

Tom Englehardt is a national treasure. He is a model of the Madisonian American steeped in “civic virtue”. Here is his recent piece. Please support financially if you can. My War on Terror Letter to an Unknown American Patriot Posted by Tom Engelhardt at 5:00pm, March 1, 2015 Dear American Patriot, I wish I knew your name. I’ve been thinking about you, about all of us actually and our country, and meaning to write for a while to explain myself. Let me start this way: you should feel free to call me an American nationalist. It may sound ugly as hell, but it’s one way I do think of myself. True, we Americans usually reserve the more kindly word “patriot” for ourselves and use “nationalist” to diss other people who exhibit special feeling for their country. In the extreme, it’s “superpatriot” for us and “ultranationalist” for them.

Hagel Fired: A Bad Omen

Chuck Hagel, Obama’s “moderate Republican” Defense Secretary was forced out of office a couple of days ago. The administration’s clumsy handling of the Middle East mess left by the Bush administration, together with the anti Obama AIPAC pressure on Congress, and the Netanyahu demands for attacks on Syria and Iran, have emboldened the Washington neo cons to beat their drums of war even more loudly. Hagel was not their man. Below I have linked to six articles on the general subject to give both the background of the firing and the probable consequences.  The best understanding of the reasons for the firing is given by Robert Parry a highly experienced independent reporter writing on his news site “Consortium News”

“National Security”, “Double Govenment”, “Deep State”

In a previous post here I claim that American voters no longer control USGovt foreign policy. Nor do the representatives they elect. In July 2010 the Washington Post published “Top Secret America”.  According to Wikipedia: Top Secret America is a series of investigative articles published on the post-9/11 growth of the United States Intelligence Community.[1] The report was first published in The Washington Post on July 19, 2010, by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Dana Priest and William Arkin. …The three-part series, which took nearly two years to research,[2] was prepared with the assistance of more than a dozen journalists.[3]…An online database at, as well as the articles to be published, were made available to government officials several months prior to the publications of the report. Each data point at the website was substantiated by at least two public records. The government was requested to advise of any specific concerns, but at that time, none were offered.[2] Mike Lofgren’s essay in February 2014 laid out the concept more recently in Anatomy of the Deep State. This …

Veterans Day: Thomas Young, Obituary for a Veteran

Tomas Young from Truthdig From Truthdig Tomas Young, Veteran Author of ‘The Last Letter,’ Dies at 34 Posted on Nov 10, 2014 Iraq War veteran and activist Tomas Young has died, “Democracy Now” is reporting. There is no word as of this posting about the cause of death. Young was the author of “The Last Letter,” a message to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, published by Truthdig, in which he stated his intention to die. Young, who was in hospice care at the time and required assistance to live, later changed his mind, saying he wanted to spend more time with his wife. Chris Hedges wrote about Young and worked with him. The columnist wrote,

FBI National Security Letters

“…The most consequential civil liberties case in years is being argued before three judges in California on Wednesday, and it has little to do with the NSA…” No, I had never heard of NSL’s either.  Apparently it is not just the CIA and the NSA “Big Brothering” us; the FBI is also in the act. Below is an extract from a piece by Trevor Timm published in the Guardian. Emphasis is mine. Details of the NSL are here and here.“